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 very risky topic from me but......

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very risky topic from me but...... Empty
PostSubject: very risky topic from me but......   very risky topic from me but...... Icon_minitimeSat Jul 12, 2008 11:22 am

Ok i dont know if im right or wrong but here are my cents on the arguement

Echo 1 and JG are pretty much the same, but echo 1 guns do have a lil bit more things to keep it more reliable in the gearbox.

They do include metal bushings and a lighter spring, and another reciever( at least on the stag15 ones)

I dont know if this sets it apart, but echo 1 do have stock classic army gears.
And it is examined before it is sent to retail stores.

One thing is my echo 1 m4 lasted longer that my friends JG m4 so i think echo 1 tweaks the gearbox JUST a lil bit.
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very risky topic from me but......
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