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 M16A4 VS M4A1 (Both Echo 1 of course)

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PostSubject: M16A4 VS M4A1 (Both Echo 1 of course)   Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:48 pm

My first purchase of an airsoft gun is between M16A4 or M4A1.

I want to know your opinions on both guns. And i have a few questions myself. Tell me which gun u would recommend.

1.What comes in the box?(Say everything)
2.What attachments come with the guns?
3.I heard something about winding the mag. every 25 shots? Is it true?
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PostSubject: Re: M16A4 VS M4A1 (Both Echo 1 of course)   Tue Aug 12, 2008 3:56 pm


The A4 has the potential to be a tad more accurate due to its longer sight radius, while the M4A1 has the compactness factor going for it what with the tele-stock.

The A4 may likely be able to hold a physically larger battery in the buttstock, vs. what will fit under the handguards of the M4. That's why you see folks with fake PEQ boxes on RIS rails.

But either way, you can't go wrong - its a matter of personal tastes.

And either way, you get a charger, battery (same size for either gun), front sight tool, magazine winder key, 300rd hi-cap mag, cleaning/unjamming rod, instruction pamphlet, sample bag of .20 bbs.

The magazine will require a re-wind at some time while you empty it - never bothered to count the rounds myself. Maybe 68?? before a rewind?

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M16A4 VS M4A1 (Both Echo 1 of course)
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