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 The battle of the "sportlines" - who will win?

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PostSubject: The battle of the "sportlines" - who will win?   Mon Aug 11, 2008 10:58 am

So it looks like the legacy AEG guys are losing market-share to us inflation-fighting Echo and JG (and AIM, A&K, Well, DBOYS, TSD) A-C-M customers.

Their collective response seems to be ABS-based, corner-cut, "Sportline" MPEG versions of their expensive guns.

While some of these sportlined-clones-of-MPEGs are still too pricey for being ABS guns (or too rich for many wallets), others are not - and so this is now allowing many of us to add a "big name" gun to our arsenals.

It may be hard to pass up a "high-end brand" for the price of an Echo, or even a metal DBOYS.

So the question becomes: what is Echo (and other ACMs) going to do to counter the threat to THEIR own MPEG turf from the plastic CA, G&Gs, ICS?
(I'm betting they go the DBOYS route and offer more MPEGs in metal.)
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The battle of the "sportlines" - who will win?
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