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 ECHO 1 614 (H&K 416 M4 Replica) Parts Question

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PostSubject: ECHO 1 614 (H&K 416 M4 Replica) Parts Question   Mon Nov 03, 2008 1:58 pm

Last weekend at an event, I won one of the ECHO 1 614's, the ECHO 1 version of the H&K 416 M4. I think I'm going to keep it as a loaner AEG and my last ditch back up. However, there are a few issues I want to take care of. I've never owned one of these new cheap AEG's and just have a few questions. Keep in mind that due to the cheap nature of this AEG, I don't want to use any high end parts. I just want to stick with LPEG parts (ECHO 1, JG, Dboy, etc.)

1) I just wanted confirmation that ECHO 1 and JG AEG's are the same exact AEG, just rebranded. I've heard the ECHO 1's are just JG that have been inspected, tested, and supposedly upgraded with some better parts. Just looking for the real story.

2) What kind of hop up is in the ECHO 1? I haven't cracked it open yet to look, but I heard its got a 2 peice hop up like on the TM M4's.

3) Will the ECHO 1 614 take standard TM internal parts, like gears, mechboxes, motors, pistons, cylinders etc.?

4) What about metal bodies? I saw that Ebay Banned had Dboy metal M4 bodies for like $50. Will the Dboy body fit the ECHO 1 with no modification. Right now, I plan on sticking with the stock plastic body, but I'd just like to know if the Dboy body would fit, so I have a replacement, when the ECHO 1 body breaks.

5) Does the Dboy body take standard System / Classic Army style one peice hop up units?

6) Will the Dboy Crane stock work on the ECHO 1 if I rewire it to the back?

7) What battery does the Dboy Crane stock take. It would be nice if it takes my Prime / CA style Crane stock batteries (10.8v 3300 mah and 9.6v 3800 mah batteries).

There is just a slight bit of RIS wobble. Short of getting a SWAN rail or a RAS Fix, is there any way to eliminate the RIS wobble.

9) I'm not going to touch the internals until I have to, but I would like a tight bore. Just wondering if the ECHO 1 are particular about tight bores, or if I could use my standard Systema tight bore.

10) Any thing special about buckings? I've tired most of them, but just wanted to be sure the ECHO 1 was wierd about buckings (like my ICS).

I am looking at different products on Ebay Banned to get this ECHO 1 614 how I would like it. Seeing as how I got the AEG for free, I don't have an issue with dropping $100 - $200 into it, but I'd really like to stick with LPEG parts. If you know of any other good LPEG retailers with a lot of accessoreis, please let me know.

Right now, here are the parts I'm looking at:

'DBoy' M4 Metal Body Kit (NO Marker) - $50
(for when and if the plastic one breaks)

M4 M16 Extended Battery Crane Stock BLACK $45.00
(probably get this one if my batteries fit)

Metal Chamber Set M4 M16 - $18.20
(only needed if the ECHO 1 hop up doesn't work with the Dboy body)

Tactical Short Fore Grip - $18.00

TangoDown Battle Grip Rail Cover BK - $17.00

OT0209 Knight`s type Flash Hider - $15.00
(just need a new flash hider to replace the orange one)

ECHO 1 Low Resistance Wire for Version 2 (Back) - $20.00
(easier than doing a custom wiring harness)

NC Star Replica Aimpoint Red Dot w/ Mount - $25.00
(cheap and works)

Thanks for any input. Like I said, this is my first LPEG and it's just going to be loaner / last ditch back up. I've got about 5 years of experience and knowlege with my TM, ICS, and CA AEG's though, so I'm just looking for specific info about the ECHO 1 614.
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ECHO 1 614 (H&K 416 M4 Replica) Parts Question
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