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 Important: Forum Rules--Please read

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PostSubject: Important: Forum Rules--Please read   Wed Mar 07, 2007 3:08 pm

Connel, please review the following rules list, and make sure it's accurate. It's mostly the same as on ASR, but with a couple additions. Thanks,


Our rules are essentially the same as ASR here, so I have reproduced the rules section.

This is meant as a starting guide to airsoft and to the Echo 1 and Middle Priced Airsoft Community. When you registered, you should have thoroughly read the ‘Rules and Policies Agreement’ for this site.

To reiterate an important point in the ‘Rules and Policies Agreement’; By pressing the "Agree" button,

"You agree, through your use of this forum, that you will not post any material which is false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, adult material, or otherwise in violation of any International or United States Federal law. You also agree not to post any copyrighted material unless you own the copyright or you have written consent from the owner of the copyrighted material. Spam, flooding, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are also forbidden on this forum. By creating an account on this forum you are providing IMPLIED CONSENT to follow all rules and regulations set by the administrators. In addition to IMPLIED CONSENT all members of this forum must be 13 years of age or older to comply with the COPPA act."

This is the "Official Forums Membership Rules":

First off, the central point of these rules is to maintain a functional discussion environment. Normal standards of public discourse and social interaction are assumed. The specific rules are in place to help clear up what we feel may be ambiguous. However, appropriate actions will be taken against any conduct that is felt to infringe on the basic concept of the free discussion of relevant airsoft issues. The forum is a private forum, so membership is a privilege. Freedom of speech, in all its constitutional splendor, does not apply here, though the administrators and moderators will typically intervene only to impartially keep the peace and order. A certain degree of courteousness is expected. In a nutshell: be good.

1. No off-topic discussion.
Check the forum index. There is no "off-topic" forum, and no forums for the discussion for anything which is not airsoft related. It is not by chance that there is no longer an "off-topic" forum. Restrict all posts to airsoft-related issues. If you wish to discuss cars or sports or new video card drivers, please do that elsewhere. The internet's a big place.

2. No lewdness or profanity.
This is, after all, an open internet forum so any messages posted will be viewable by an audience of all ages. Posting text or images (or including them in your profile or avatar image) which is deemed unsuitable by the ASR staff will be removed. This includes the obvious acronyms & words which are covered with "***" or "@%#*". If it is apparent and obvious what the profane & obscene words are, do not be surprised to get warned about it, which if the actions continue, can result in admin action against your account.

3. No "real steel" discussion
There are plenty of places on the internet to discuss real firearms and other weapons. Given the sensitive nature of airsoft as exact replicas of real world guns, it is clearly politically and socially inadvisable to mix the two, even on an internet discussion board. Analysis of the accuracy of airsoft reproduction of real weapons or speculation or hope for a specific model gun to be reproduced in airsoft form is certainly allowed (by the basic nature of the sport), but topics solely about firearms with no ties to airsoft is off limits.

4. No political/religious discussion or statements.
This includes political or religious images & statements in avatars, signatures & usernames which refer to political or religious figures. This one's just a can of worms and generally has little airsoft relevance. Many people have very strong and often totally contrasting opinions on a myriad of issues whose discussion may bring discord to an otherwise amiable web community. Again, if you should feel so inclined to discuss politics or religious issues, there are certainly plenty of places to do that on the net.

5. No discussion of dangerous or illegal acts
This one should be pretty obvious. Given the nature of airsoft, there can be many things which can be done that are socially or technically unsafe. Airsoft is based around exact replicas of real weapons that also shoot BBs at high velocity, so a fair degree of responsibility is a requirement.

6. No posting of for-sale items in the forums
ASR has an active Classifieds section available (by the link at the top of the page or in the main site menu) where items for sale or desired should be listed. This rule applies also to commercial retailers.

7. Avoid double posting and excessive bumping
Please restrict a single topic to one forum area only. That is, do not post a question about gearbox repair in both the technical problem solving and AEG forums. Just make one post. If you should find that you've accidentally posted a reply or topic twice, please use the delete icon within the post to remove it. If you feel that a topic should be bumped to the top of the topics index, please edit one of your posts within. This will cause it to be listed once more as the first topic. However, please restrict this to only one or two iterations per post. Sometimes, people just don't have the answers you're looking for.

8. Post your comments in English
If a moderator or administrator can not understand what you are saying, than there will be a good chance it will be deleted. We will not risk allowing a breaking of the rules & guidelines if someone is posting in a language we do not understand.

We also have a few additional rules, which you should take note of.

9. Please search.
If you have posted a topic that has been answered multiple times, or would be easily found if you had searched/done your research, it will be removed, and further administrative action might be taken. When you post questions, make sure they aren't vague, so that we can best take care of your needs.

10. Do not bash other companies/manufacturers/forums without justifying your opinions.
"Fanboy"-ism will not be tolerated. Please be respectful of other members of the airsoft community. Well-reasoned arguments are acceptable and encouraged; "Echo 1 pwns all," or "Echo 1 is the best, UTG sucks" and other such comments are not helpful to our community, and will be discouraged.

What happens if you break the rules:
We'll usually give you a warning or two. However, appropriate action will be taken based on the seriousness of the offense. Should AS-R staff deem it necessary your account could be banned along with any new accounts you attempt to create. Should you decide to not only break forum rules but break laws governing your jurisdiction, criminal offenses can be investigated by reporting actions to your local police in worst case scenarios.


VAGUE TOPIC TITLES: Topic titles need to give enough details so anyone can look at the title and know EXACTLY what the subject is going to be about, or what the SPECIFIC question will be, WITHOUT having to waste potential time to go into the thread to figure this out. In other words there should be no guesswork. Titles like; "I have a question", "Which gun?", "Need help", "Super 9", "Which is better", "MP5?" (and the list goes on) are not acceptable. Typically the whole thread will be deleted if there is a Vague Topic Title.

RESTATE YOUR QUESTION FROM THE TITLE IN THE BODY OF THE MESSAGE: Simple enough. If the question from your title is not restated in the body of your message, the thread may get deleted.

DOUBLE OR TRIPLE POSTS: Back to back posts in a thread. Use the edit function to avoid or fix this problem.

USELESS POSTS: Comments that do not contribute substance to a thread: Single word comments, posts that do not need to be said, comments that include insults or flames, etc. Making useless posts or topics is typically considered Post Whoring and will result in a reduction of both rank and post count.

INLAMMATORY POSTS- FLAMES: Insults, derogatory remarks, antagonistic remarks, name-calling, demeaning comments, etc. is unacceptable and will be dealt with by mods & admin accordingly.

REVIVING OLD THREADS - NECROPOSTING: Always be aware of the date post of the thread before responding. Many old threads are "dead" for a reason (The question has been answered, the author of the thread is no longer interested, the author of the thread is no longer on AS-R, etc). Before you revive an old thread, consider if your post will be a productive one, justifying the revival of the thread. Do not just respond to an old thread with useless remarks that adds nothing to the thread. If you uselessly revive an old topic expect at least a warning from a moderator to not repeat this action.

FAILURE TO ADHERE TO THE "USER AGREEMENT" AND ANY RULES & GUIDELINES ON ECHO1OG CAN RESULT IN ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION AGAINST YOUR ACCOUNT. For your information the following are moderator/administrative actions to be aware of:

1) Posted warning within a thread:This is essentially a "cease & desist" order. You have committed a violation which needs to stop immediately. Editing, removing or altering posts & comments made by moderators & administrators is a serious offense which could get you banned.

2) Email warning: Essentially the same as #1, a "cease & desist" order. You have committed a violation which needs to stop immediately.

3) Post count reset to zero or dramatically reduced: Typically an action punishing post whores or those who make useless posts, but can be utilized to punish other infractions.

4) Rank frozen or reduced: Same as #3.

5) Probation: You have not heeded the previous warning(s) and this places you one step away from being banned.

6) Probationary Ban: Your account will be locked for up to 7 days while admin reviews your membership & determines what action to take.

7) BANNED: You went too far, ignored warnings and/or posted unacceptable material causing your account to be locked. If someone has blantantly violated the "User Aggreement" or any rules, they will be BANNED IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT WARNING.

It is standard procedure on echo1og when pornographic material is posted by a member, that member is immediately banned by admin. This prevents any continued spamming of such material should the person be so inclined to do so.

If the member did not do this offense, he will need to work outside of this forum (via email to admin) to give reasonable assurance it was not him. Everyone needs to understand how serious an offense this is, and we (mods & admin) do not want to possibly allow someone who is capable of such an offense to remain as a member of echo1og.
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General Connel
General Connel

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PostSubject: Re: Important: Forum Rules--Please read   Wed Mar 07, 2007 11:10 pm

Everything looks good.
To avoid noobs posting in here, Locked.

-General Connel
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PostSubject: Re: Important: Forum Rules--Please read   Wed Mar 14, 2007 8:52 pm

Just wanted to add that we won't be too concerned with necroposts for a while, since we're just starting up, and obviously we don't want to discourage discussion.

-Locked again-
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PostSubject: Re: Important: Forum Rules--Please read   

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Important: Forum Rules--Please read
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