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PostSubject: Jeremy   Tue Jan 20, 2009 12:07 am

Hey, my name is Jeremy, feel free to use my name or just call me z. I've been in love with airsoft since i got my first crappy $25 spring pistol from Wal-Mart. since then I havent exactly put TONS of money into airsoft, until I recently purchased an echo 1 m4.

I've got a stock m4 echo 1 but am looking for easy upgrades, i.e. ris mod for the foreguard, a less shoddy stock, (full metal) and eventually a metal body Smile

I hope to become an active member on these forums

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PostSubject: Hello, semi new.   Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:11 pm

I'm glad to have found, this forum. I just retired my first aeg, It was at Acadamy sporting goods. It was a Fire Power A1M4 it was from Palco. It was a good first gun to tinker with and learn on how they work. The only mods a old scope for for spotting 9.6 was done briefly, and to much for the internals. I loved the increased rof. Soo now I've been doing some shopping. A friend of mine has a Echo1 1416/ M4A1 that needs some work minor to get up & running or getting a Ak47 or 74 with a colapsble stock (cpw). . As far as what type of " position" goes, any position is fine with me, or even a sniper's nest, it's still shoot'in. So which aeg I'm not sure. & by the way the echo1 is for $50.00 partially working. I'll fire (I think) the ball rolls out the end of the barrel or he has another one the same model that shoots to the right for $ 100.00.I'm thinking there's not too much wrong with either Question What do you guys think. Oh , by the way I have a paint ball back ground either is cool to do. Will trade paint ball stuff for a good AEG.
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New member? Introduce yourself here!
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