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 Tactics--tips and tricks--woodland thread

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PostSubject: Tactics--tips and tricks--woodland thread   Thu Mar 15, 2007 3:00 pm

Since we don't have a tactics forum, this thread is for posting tactical scenarios and responses to those situations. For clarity, this thread is restricted to woodland skirmishes only. CQB should go in the CQB thread.

Situation 1: Pinned down...

You and your squad (assume you have at least 4 people with you) are pinned down by enemy fire. You have a rough fix on their position, but they have good cover. What do you do?

Situation 2: Infiltration...

You have been tasked to infiltrate the enemy position and either take down a target, or relay information back to your squad. Assume you are solo, or with one other person. What is the most effective way to evade patrols and get to your position?

Situation 3: Exfiltration...

You've just taken down a target, and enemy patrols are closing in on your position. How do you evade and exfiltrate the area? Tips and tricks!

Got answers or more solutions? Post them here! I'll add the best answer to each situation, (and any new situations) to this post. Game on!
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PostSubject: Re: Tactics--tips and tricks--woodland thread   Thu Mar 15, 2007 4:09 pm

Situation 1: Keep your forces spread out quite a distance, but don't be too far away that you can't communicate. Once one of your members finds a place suitable enough to provide suppressing fire, let them at it. Whenever there is a cease in enemy fire, fall back and provide suppressing fire for your teammates. Always have at least two to three teammates (out of 4) providing cover. If you have someone with a support oriented weapon, all the better. Have them blanket the enemy's position with bbs until they move. Once you are all out of range, immediately regroup and find a way to counter attack.

Situation 2: Carry small weapons. Either pistols or sub machine guns, since this is stealth oriented. Always keep an eye out for enemy forces. A ghillie suit would probably help with keeping you concealed, but don't move too much at once. Never run, and stay very low to the ground. Either crouch or crawl. If you see any OPFOR, immediately stop moving and hide.

Situation 3: Run.
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PostSubject: Re: Tactics--tips and tricks--woodland thread   Tue Apr 03, 2007 4:49 pm


1. Leap Frogging:
In woodland, two people pair up. they go from one tree to the other. One goes to a tree, while the other covers him/her, then the person that covered them goes a tree ahead the person that just moved, it goes on and on until they win =)
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PostSubject: Re: Tactics--tips and tricks--woodland thread   Sat Jun 16, 2007 5:24 pm

Situation 2: Infiltration

It's always best to have good camo for this one. I opted out of a normal "seal" or "SF" loadout style and wear just hunting camo. I prefer mossy oak, their breakup patterns are amazing, in case anyone wanted to know which kind to get.

Anyways, remember to always keep low, and move in a flanking manner. It seems to me that every time I see someone, they haven't spotted me yet. Use this to your advantage. Move around them in a wide flank. If they spot another of your team mates, all the better. Once they begin to fire, start moving, quickly if possible. The sound of a gearbox right next to someone's head is louder than it sounds to you, exploit that. While they fire, you get closer. When you get a shot, try to wait until he fires to take it. There is always a chance he will move the instant you shoot. If you wait for him to fire, he will be A. trying to hit something so less likely to move at that instant B. Less likely to hear the shot and move away.

Situation 3: Exfiltration

Always try to use foliage to your advantage. If there is a large bush or cluster of foliage, run behind it, perhaps take a few precise shots if necessary, but mainly it's there to increase the chance that they lose site of you and are afraid to move in before they know exactly where you are. Having played as a sniper before, I found it's sooo important to always remember what the enemy must be thinking. One downed enemy during your exfiltration will really make them think twice about spriting after you, allowing you to gain valuable distance.

Also, in extreme cases, it may be necessary to shed an article of clothing, and create a decoy. During one woodland game, I was being pursued by two enemies who had heard my first shot which killed the first enemy. I began running away as my location was already compromised. I was able to get behind a large cluster of bushes, where I shed my jacket, underbrush headwrap, and gun. I placed them down next to a tree with the gun point towards the enemies on my tail. I then began to flank around with my pistol (G18c AEP). When I got away, I saw them from the side, and they were looking towards my decoy. A quick burst killed them both as they were crouched next to each other talking. This tactic is difficult but can certainly be helpful in a pinch. Happy hunting!
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PostSubject: Re: Tactics--tips and tricks--woodland thread   

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Tactics--tips and tricks--woodland thread
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