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 Getting my first Echo 1 AEG

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Getting my first Echo 1 AEG Empty
PostSubject: Getting my first Echo 1 AEG   Getting my first Echo 1 AEG Icon_minitimeWed Dec 26, 2007 7:13 pm

I've been airsofting for years, and have owned multiple TM's, this ISN'T my first gun. I've been planning on getting an Echo 1 gun for a LONG time, but with paying for a car and school, it's tough to have the extra money around.

Anyway, I finally ordered a brand new Version 3 Echo 1 M4A1, I'm pumped. I was debating whether or not to get the G36C, or the M4. I was going to get hte G36C because the vast majority of airsofters rifles are a M4/M16 variant. I wanted to be a little different, but in the end I decided the M4A1 was right for me, I've loved the look of it since I was a kid.

Anyway, I got some AE BB's, an extra standard Echo 1 M4 MAG, and a Leapers Tactedge 7" scope; I know it's not an amazing scope, but it won't fall apart and the Echo 1 isn't my main rifle, probably a back up and used for training and practice.

I want to see if Echo 1 lives up to it's name that it has so far, I'm hoping it does.
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Getting my first Echo 1 AEG
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