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 New forum and URL?

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New forum and URL? Empty
PostSubject: New forum and URL?   New forum and URL? Icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2007 4:20 pm

I'm brand new to this forum, but I think before this forum gets to popular, a change in forum should occur. What exactly? First, a whole new forum. I am a graphic artist and make forums in my spare time. I own a few right now actually. The second thing is a new url. How about something like

How would there be a new forum? I would set it up for free. We would use phpBB3, MySQL database 3.0, and I would run everything on my own FTP and database.

I'm willing to pay for everything, the URL ($9), and setup the forum for free. Why? First, because I'm extremely generous, and I know for a fact that this forum is going to be very popular one day, if not very soon.

If you guys want to (admins), contact me on aim, my username is: Miss Mean Swag. I can start the setup immediately, and the new forum will be up within a few hours. The only thing is that you will have to register again, and the threads will be lost (you can repost them if you wish).

It would be great to have it
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PostSubject: Re: New forum and URL?   New forum and URL? Icon_minitimeMon Nov 26, 2007 12:55 pm

Pass on that thanks. This forum isn't very large, in any case, and it was hard enough to get the membership that we have. You'll notice that it's not very active. Most of us spend most of our time on the main forums because this forum, sadly, just isn't very popular. Feel free to invite your friends, but I'm not interested in going through all the work to repost threads and such.
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New forum and URL?
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